EH!tel Networks was founded and incorporated in 2010 by Antonius Peeters.

Coming from an agricultural background, he understood the lack of services within the rural community. In 2000, he made a career change and initiated one of the fastest growing wireless ISP’s in Ontario. This ISP succeeded to win several “Rural Connections” programs, and converted over 3000 rural homes and businesses from dial-up to broadband.

With over 15 years experience in rural broadband services, it was clear that current wireless systems would soon be unable to meet demand. Bandwidth usage increased by as much as 40% per year. Technologies such as television, video on demand and voice are converging over IP networks. In addition a new breed of services such as cloud computing and live video are entering the arena. Even the definition of “broadband” continues to evolve.

Traditional telcos, and new technologies are focused on large urban centres. Fibre has been a proven solution for years, but not cost effective in the rural communities. This has continually left the rural communities in the dust.

EH!tel Networks Inc. and FibreXpress Network Builders have spent years developing a business model to bring high capacity broadband to every rural home and business. They have completed an succesful fibre to the home pilot project, and developed an intensive proprietary back end management system.

Wireless systems have been re-engineered to sustain consistant speeds of up to 25Mb.s to every user – even during peak hours. Fibre to the home has been engineered to devliver up to a 1Gb.s.   With the support of our dedicated team and partners, we are ready for rural expansion.

There are no complicated service plans, or hidden costs. We understand, that YOU, our customer is our business. We simply can’t wait to serve you.

Welcome to EH!tel