Home Phone Support

Welcome to the Home Phone Support page. Below you will find common support responses to help address your concerns. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Key * 67 Call Blocking: Prevent your phone number from being visible when making outgoing calls.

Key *72 Call Feature: Unconditional Call Forward: “*72” and then forwarding by “#. Wait for dial tone and hang up. (Dial =tone indicates a successful forward)

Key *73 Cancel Unconditional Call Forward: To cancedl “Unconditional Call Forward”, dial “*73”, wait for dial tone, then hang up.

Key *78 Enable Do Not Disturb (DND): When enabled all incoming calls are rejected

Key *79 Disable Do Not Disturb (DND): When enabled all incoming calls are accepted.

Key *90 Busy Call Forwards: Dial “*90” and then the forwarding number followed by “#”. Wait for dial tone then hang up. 

Key *91 Cancel Busy Call Forward: To cancel “Busy Call Forward”, dial “*91”, wait for dial tone, then hang up.

Key *98 Voice Mail: Access- Calls you voice mail box. After pressing *98, follow the prompts to listen to or setup your voice mail.

Flash/Hook: Toggles between active call and incoming (call waiting tone). If not in conversation, flash/hook will switch to a new channel for a new call. 

Any standard analogue telephone will work, including wireless phone sets.  If your home is pre-wired with phone jacks, they can also be connected to the EH!tel Home phone.  Additional charges may apply with home wiring.

EH!tel Fibre/Wireless to the Home: Your home phone service will directly connect to EH!tel’s network via an ATA that we provide. This will allow your standard home phone or your internal home phone wiring to connect.

Usually yes, Check with our sales team to see if your number is portable and eligible to be transferred to EH!tel Home Phone.

There are some requirements for keeping your phone numbers and ordering new numbers.

We provide customers with a Letter of Authorization and Limitation of Liability to completed, along with a copy of page 1 of their most current phone bill. Porting process doesn’t start until all forms have been completed and returned prior to their installation.  If looking at obtaining a new number, then all we require is the 911 form to be completed.

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