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Ontario One Call (CNW Group/Ontario One Call)

If you are planting a tree, building a fence or a deck, digging a new garden, or doing any
project that requires you to dig, you must contact Ontario One Call at least 5 business
days before. It’s the law.

It will help protect you and your project from unnecessary damages, injuries and financial penalties. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s the law.

Ontario one call will need to be contacted. EH!tel is not able to send an employee out without paperwork from Ontario one call.
Homeowners can order locates by phone, but requests made online are more accurate and help save time for those providing the locates.

ContactAt least 5 business days before you dig, submit a locate request to Ontario One Call. They will notify the buried infrastructure owners that you plan to dig.

Locate – Locators from each buried infrastructure owner will come out to locate the buried lines and cables. The buried infrastructures will submit their paperwork back to Ontario One Call.

Dig – Once you receive your locate back from Ontario One Call. Dig safely. Respect the marks and follow the instructions that are provided.

At least 5 business days before you dig, submit a locate request. They will notify EH!tel that you plan to dig.

Orange – Communication (EH!tel)
Red – Electric
Yellow – Gas/Oil/Steam
Blue – Water
Purple – Irrigation/Slurry
Pink – Temporary Survey Markings
Green – Sewer/Storm
White – Proposed Excavation

Ontario one will not locate self-buried hydro circuits, invisible dog fences, propane lines, private gas lines, water lines or sprinkler systems etc. The property owner should be aware of these lines and their location.

  1.  Your name
  2.  Your phone number
  3.  Your email address
  4.  The location of the dig site, including city, address, dig street, and the two nearest minor intersecting street we have available.
  5.  Type of work occurring on the property

Some additional information may be needed depending on the type of work being completed.

Excavators request locates for a variety of reasons. Infrastructure owners dig to install, repair, or upgrade their lines, etc. Please keep in mind that the municipality you live in, technically, “owns” the land up to your property line. If they must excavate on the publicly owned portion of the property, they may do so without consulting you first. While there is no arguing that you own your private property, the infrastructure buried underneath that property is owned by the respective owner. Please do not remove flags/paint on your property. It is the policy of most companies and certainly a courtesy to notify you of any planned excavation.

Locates are valid for at least 60 days from the day you receive your locate but could be longer. Please check the locate sheet sent to you to determine the exact days.

Requesting a locate for EH!tel through Ontario One Call is free.

This depends on who is completing the work. If you are completing the work yourself, you are responsible for getting a locate first.
If you are hiring someone to complete the work for you, they should get the locate.
The person physically completing the excavation is responsible. If hiring a contractor always double check they have obtained their locates to avoid any financial penalties.

Ontario One Call will notify buried infrastructure owners that you plan to dig.
Representatives, known as Damage Prevention Technicians or Locators, from each
buried infrastructure owner will come out to mark the location of buried underground
lines and cables they own so that you can dig safely.

If you damage our infrastructure, please call Eh!tel directly. Even a sheath or coating nick can cause corrosion which may lead to a future problem. Leave the excavation open until it has been inspected. If possible, leave wood over top for the safety of those around.
Any damaged cables may have financial penalties.