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Fibre Internet is the future of internet, consistently fast, reliable and affordable.

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Rural Fixed Wireless is consistently fast, reliable and affordable. 



Our customizable TV service, gives you the freedom to design your viewing experience.

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Unlimited Long Distance Throughout North America + Loaded with Free Features! 


Fibre is the most efficient avenue to transport data:

  • Capacity is virtually unlimited.
  • Lowest in latency – Extremely Responsive
  • Fibre is passive – Reliability is unmatched.
  • Fibre is unaffected by environmental conditions.
  • Data can be carried over vast distances.
  • Fibre does not propagate electricity.
  • Fibre has a long life, and is simple to repair.
  • Fibre can transport any data services including Internet, Phone, TV.

The benefits of Fibre are evident; research has concluded premises served by fibre are valued at $5000 more then comparable premises served by other technologies.

Provisioning Fibre in the rural communities is a major undertaking. Infrastructure will be constructed along the roads, new structures containing network elements, and Fibre service lines are required to each premise to deliver the services. EH!tel has applied for subsidies to the Federal Government, and obtained the support of Municipal, County and Provincial agencies to permit the installations along the roadways. The construction initiative is anticipated to take 10 years to enable all premises to be connected to Fibre.  

The cost to bring Fibre to a rural premise is estimated at $2,500/premise. With Federal funding, and private commitments through EH!tel, we have developed packages with competitive rates starting with an installation fee of $199. Once the terms are expired, even better service pricing will be made available.

To register for SmartHub a customer needs to click “New User? Sign up to access of SelfService site.” Live site login URL: https://ehtel.smarthub.coop or through the App called SmartHub made by NISC

Once they click that link, they will need to input three things:
• Billing account number
• Last name
• Email address

Security Questions for Registration Next, you will be required to answer one security question and complete two secret hint questions.

After you click “Submit,” they will a see a message that their registration has been successful, and they will receive an email shortly with a link to verify the account and set the password.

Click on “Verify Account” in the email you received and another window will open.

The technician will install the “Subscriber Unit” to the home using a “Sat Mount”, “Chimney Mount”, “Wall Mount”, “Tripod & Pole”, or on an existing tower. Up to 100ft of outdoor rated Cat5 cable will be run from the “Subscriber Unit” to your home office or entertainment centre (usually your router location). A small hole may need to be drilled to bring the cable into the home or room. The cable is neatly strapped, lagged, stapled or zip tied to the structure (fishing cable behind drywall or through a finished ceiling is subject to surcharge). A POE/power supply box will be the termination point for EH!tel’s service.   Any standard Cat5 cable will connect to it.

EH!tel does not provide wireless service with a standard installation. Wireless routers can be purchased from any major BOX store, or your local Computer retailer.

Self Support Tower:
A self Support Tower requires excavation, concrete footing, and erection. These are used when attaching to the home is not an feasible option. Typical self support residential towers range in height from 50ft to 100ft. Self support towers are substantially more costly then braced towers.

Braced Tower:
A braced tower is a tower supported by an existing structure, typically your home. Sections are 10ft in lenghth and are limited to 2 sections (20ft) above the last highest support point. A 10ft pole is installed on the top sections, on which the subscriber unit is installed.

Yes! For example a tree installation is used when the home is buried in trees, yet one of the trees exposed to an open field or along the road has a good path to an EH!tel tower. Alternatively, a structure such as a shop, barn or garden shed may be better positioned then the home. Cable is typically trenched 6 to 12″ in the ground from the home to the alternate structure or tree. Cat5 can not extend more then 320ft (100m), so typically this alternate location must be within 200ft of the home. EH!tel uses a Vermeer Vibratory Lawn Plow to install the Cat5 cable. It slices the ground, and leaves minimum disruption to your lawn or gravel driveway. Trenching is subject to cable locates. EH!tel has a locator to find conductive underground wiring and pipes. The nominal trenching charge may be waived if the subscriber wishes to install the Cat5 cable provided themselves.

In 2016, EH!tel introduced the “Good Neighbour Program”. When both the “Sponsor” (Neighbour with EH!tel service) and the “Host” (Neighbour unable to cost effectively obtain service directly) are agreeable to the terms, EH!tel’s service may be extended to the “Host” via an Xtender at the “Sponsor”. Both the “Sponsor” or the “Host” service package are not affected. In some cases, the “Sponsor” may be eligible for BONUS speeds for each “Host” connected. A one time installation surcharge is applicable for the “Host”.

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