EH!tel RUral Fixed WIreless Internet

Wireless Packages

Wireless Internet to your rural home or business is consistently fast, more responsive than WiMax and LTE, reliable and affordable. 

No Contractual Term

Unlimited Data 

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$99.00 Installation Fee Applies



✔ Unlimited Usage

✔ Free Emails

✔  4.5.4 Support Agreement

✔ No Caps * & Low Latency

✔ No Rental Fees or Extra Charges

✔ No Contract Commitments

✔ Live & Local Support

✔ Networking and Corporate Services

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IP Services


Certain applications require Static IP’s or Specific Route rules to function properly. If you use any of the below applications, IP services may be required:
– Multi-Player online gaming
– VPN Tunnels
– Remote Desktop Hosting
– Security Cameras with Remote Access
– Third Party managed services 
– Web Hosting

Call your application’s IT/Support to determine if IP Services are required. Note IP Services are required for Multi-player Xbox or PlayStation to function properly.