EH!Tel TV Packages

TV Packages


Customize Your TV Experience with Eh!Tel
Welcome to Eh!Tel, where you are in control of your TV entertainment! With our customizable TV service, you have the freedom to design your perfect viewing experience.

Now you can watch all your recordings and live TV on your mobile devices with the EH!TV app. 

Pick Your Own Channels

At Eh!Tel, we believe in putting you in the driver’s seat. With our TV service, you have the opportunity to handpick the channels that matter most to you. No more paying for channels you never watch! Choose from a diverse selection of channels across different genres and create a personalized channel lineup that suits your interests and preferences.

Theme Packages

For an even more tailored TV experience, we offer Theme Packages. These packages are specially curated to cater to specific interests such as sports, movies, lifestyle, and more. Whether you’re a passionate sports fan, a movie lover, or a cooking enthusiast, our Theme Packages allow you to dive deep into your favorite genres and enjoy a dedicated collection of channels.